Access Control

Manage people in, through, and out your premises with access control

Who needs access control?
An access control system is perfect for any home or business who wants to manage who enters a building, and their movement throughout it. Access can be granted via swipe cards, PIN numbers, smartphones, biometrics, or facial recognition. Our access control systems in Solihull are easy to use and can be adapted quickly as your circumstances change, whether you’re accessing the system on a computer or smartphone.


Control Variables

Access can be based on an individual’s rank, the time of the day, shift patterns, or any other specific criteria you have.

It’s incredibly easy for employees to use, and very user-friendly for the person in control to operate.

If you’d like to know more about how an access control system in Solihull could benefit your business, please get in touch.


Cost Savings

An access control system is incredibly efficient, typically saving customers the cost of lost or stolen keys, broken locks, locksmith call outs, and security personnel.

It can also be integrated with lighting and heating / cooling systems, which will maximise your building’s energy efficiency – lights can come on and off upon entry / exit while the temperature can be reduced when a room is not in use.


Security Benefits

Apart from preventing entrance by unauthorised people, access control systems can help you track the movements of individuals so if an incident occurred, you could work out who was or wasn’t in the vicinity at the time.

They also let you see if people are working when and where they are supposed to be. If you’d like to know more about how an access control system in Solihull could benefit your business, please get in touch.


Safe Environment

In an emergency, people need to be able to exit a building quickly. Doors with keys and locks remain locked in the event of a fire, while access control doors unlock in events such as a fire or emergency, enabling people to get out quicker, without having to search for keys in a panic. Access control systems also allow for specific items such as sensitive data or dangerous chemicals to be safely and securely protected.


Reputable Brands

If you’re looking for access control in Solihull you want it to be reliable.

We only supply and install access control brands that we know are high quality, long-lasting and durable.

We fit access control systems by many brands such as Paxton, CDVi, Gallagher, Assa Abloy and Ultion.


Why Use Us?

We’re one of the most reliable companies providing access control in Solihull. We set ourselves very high quality standards and work to all the standards needed to ensure the system is compliant. All our work is completed on time, on budget, and we’ve been told we’re incredibly tidy! You won’t see any cables, we’re punctual and very respectful of the properties we work in, and we leave no mess behind.

Access the system on a Computer or Smartphone

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